Nutrition Education

4 pictures of cafeteria signs showing nutrition education, food artwork, food posters, food banners

Do your students know what healthy means? Descon nutrition education signs are intended to help you improve their knowledge.

Many of our products have useful educational tidbits included within their artwork, but this section of products is designed exclusively with the intent of educating students about nutrition. These products can be added to your operation and will be nice reminders to students about the basics of nutrition. The products below offer unique solutions on how to accomplish this education. With a high level of emphasis on fun and interesting information, our nutrition education products will engage students on a regular basis to learn more about what they eat.  

While any product in the café can't replace good classroom teaching, the inclusion of some nutrition education on your serving lines can be a very helpful reminder to students at the time where they are making nutrition choices. Contact us today to explore options on how to encourage healthy eating.