Color & Mascot Choices

Graphic saying Descon Colors and Mascots to provide information about Descon signage company


Below is our Descon standard color chart for you to match our products with your school's colors.

Don't see your color? We can match any custom color. Simply, Contact Us.


Printing and photography techniques can sometimes affect the appearance of an item. If specific color matching is important to you, actual color material samples can be provided upon your request.

You may also send a color sample to Descon and we will match to your sample as closely as we possibly can with our materials and printing techniques. We can also match colors if a PMIS or Pantone color number is provided.

Graphic of many school mascots used to make custom signs and school signs


Stock logos can be added to any product offering a logo at no additional charge. If you would like to use a stock logo, simply let us know the logo number from our Mascot chart shown below.

Logo's with * beside the number requires a color choice for the logo otherwise, the color will match the text.

Have questions? Contact Us for additional information.

Click the Mascot Chart below to see large detail and logo number.



Descon reserves the right to charge a one-time logo fee, usually $50-$100, for a custom logo submitted by the customer. This covers our expense for preparing the logo for our printing process. Your logo will be kept on file for use on all future orders without any additional fee.

To ensure you receive the highest quality product possible, Descon has strict requirements for logo files. Still, we know it may be difficult to locate and maintain digital files of your school mascot and we understand it can be overwhelming. Below you will find all the information needed to submit a logo and some tips for the process. If you still have questions feel free to Contact Us today!

Accepted Formats: .eps, ai. (Illustrator files in Vector format are preferred) .psd (Photoshop files may qualify depending on resolution and size) .jpeg, .pdf (*These files qualify ONLY if above resolution and size are met)

Accepted Media: Digital files via email (Preferred Method)

Resolution: We request all files be at least 300dpi, and prefer that all files be at least 6"w x 6"h. If you are unsure if your file meets these specifications, contact a Descon sales representative.

Colors: If your logo/mascot has colors specific to your school, we will best match your color to our color chart. Exact color matches may not always be possible due to limitations of the materials. Color samples of our Standard colors are available upon request.

We DO NOT Accept: Microsoft Office Files (ie- Word, Publisher) or Images pulled from websites.

Failure to follow these requirements may result in extra charges and/or delays in production. If you have a file that is not listed above or would like your file to be reviewed prior to placing an order, we would be happy to check it for usability.

When needing to locate suitable logo/mascot files, remember to consider these sources:

-    School/corporation’s administrative, athletic, and media arts departments
-    Vendors of your apparel,
stationery, and other school-spirit items

Graphic showing example of file formats that are acceptable and not acceptable for printing