Warranty & Quality

Graphic saying Warranty to provide information about custom signs made by Descon signage company

Beyond our standard quality commitment, we offer a one year warranty against defects in the quality of materials and workmanship.

We do not cover neglect (ex: attachment of foreign objects, use of markers, use of harsh chemicals, improper cleaning, improper storage, etc.), vandalism, graffiti, intentional damage, or any changes or alterations by owner.

Because we cannot control how our products are installed or used, the customer assumes the responsibility in determining product suitability for its intended use.

Graphic saying Quality to provide information about custom signs by Descon signage company

Descon takes pride in offering high-quality solutions. The products we make incorporate materials that are designed to last for years in the high touch school environment. We are different than many signage companies which use signboard materials that are intended for short term applications. We are also different than most graphics companies because we place a protective laminate on our printed products. This laminate provides a layer of protection to our products so they won't fade quickly and can be dusted or cleaned easily. These features help make our products durable and best display our quality.