Why Us

Descon is a premier custom signage company that has provided printing solutions for schools and other organizations since 1998. Over the past two decades, we have developed a reputation for outstanding print quality delivered with unparalleled customer service. To ensure constant customer satisfaction, we hold our processes and people to a high standard based on four key company values. We value quality, functionality, customization and expertise. Descon lives through these values to give each customer a superior signage experience.

Descon’s Four Key Values:

Quality – Customers can expect the highest of quality in everything Descon does. We use the most durable, reliable signage materials to ensure your signs will stay stunning through years of wear and tear. Our artwork is eye-catching, colorful and classic to wow everyone for years. You can also expect the best quality customer service as we support and guide you to fulfill your exact needs.

Functionality – Descon’s signs are designed to not only be striking and fun, but also practical and easy-to-use. We offer innovative sign features that few other companies offer, including magnetic seal frames and frames that flip open in the front. We also have multiple display methods to fit any space.

Customization – Every Descon product is built to order. No matter what color, text, design, shape or artwork you want, we can make it happen. We also can design logos based on your guidelines and create display solutions for every space. With Descon, your signs will be as unique as your school.

Expertise – Descon has over 20 years of experience in sign creation for schools and school food service. If you are not sure what kind of signage you need, we will provide expert support based on our extensive knowledge of effective school signage. We are here to make your vision a reality and will do so with professionalism and understanding.

To discover Descon’s wide variety of signage solutions, or to bring your sign idea to life, contact the Descon sales team.