Change Art Images

Food posters in frames, nutrition education, custom signs, school signs

Keep students interested with our Easy-to-Rotate system! This system can dramatically change block walls and promote nutrition education in your space. 

The system starts with a Descon Change Art image. What is a Change Art Image?

   - WASHABLE         - DURABLE         - THIN         - HIGH-QUALITY SIGN MATERIAL (not paper!)

Many examples of the images are shown below -- we have over 100 to choose from. Click on a style you like and link to all the available choices.

These images are then displayed and stored in our Flip Frame. What is a Flip Frame? 

Descon Flip Frames are explained in more detail at the bottom of this page, but these frames store up to 3 Change Art Images and can easily be accessed and updated in less than a minute.   

Regular rotation of the images by your staff will keep students engaged and excited about the atmosphere of your space!