Copyright & Policies

Graphic saying Copyright to announce all items contained on this website are artwork that is copyright reserved by Descon signage company


Descon reserves copyright on all artwork we produce.

All artwork and ideas presented on this website, in catalogs and other documents on this website, or in materials provided to the customer by Descon, are under the ownership of Descon and cannot be lawfully reproduced without the written consent of Descon. Descon copyright mark is placed on all products we manufacture and as such those products cannot be reproduced without written permission of Descon.

Taking screen pictures of any artwork on this website and using them for purposes other than buying the product from Descon is considered theft of our intellectual property and is prohibited.  

Graphic saying Policies to announce list of corporate policies followed by Descon signage company
  1. Prices & Product Specifications

    All prices are in U.S. Dollars. All prices and terms are current as of the current date but are subject to change. Very rarely we make an error in our catalog pricing or product specifications, but under these circumstances we reserve the right to correct the mistake. All dimensions are in U.S. measurement of inches. Printing and photography techniques can sometimes affect the appearance of an item. Actual color material samples can be provided upon your request.

  2. Taxes

    Descon is an Indiana based corporation with all facilities and sales staff located in Indiana. As such we will collect sales tax for any Indiana customers but we do not collect out-of-state taxes. If you are an out-of-state customer the responsibility for any taxes on your purchase is for you to resolve.

    If you are a tax exempt organization, regardless of location, please provide your tax exempt information at time of ordering or include your certificate with your payment.

  3. Color Variance

    Printing and photography techniques can sometimes affect the appearance of an item. If specific color matching is important to you, actual color material samples can be provided upon your request.

    You may also send a color sample to Descon and we will match to your sample as closely as we possibly can with our materials and printing techniques. We can also match colors if a PMIS or Pantone color number is provided.

  4. Minimum Order Charge

    To offset the cost of processing a small order, we reserve the right to add a minimum order charge of $25.00 for orders under $200.00. The decision to apply or waive this fee will be solely at the discretion of Descon.

  5. Minimum Shipping Charge

    Due to the increasing nature of shipping costs, we reserve the right to charge a minimum shipping fee of $10.00 per shipment.

  6. Return Policy

    As Descon is a manufacturer of customizable products, we do not stock any finished products and therefore we do not accept returns. You are provided a layout proof for your final approval prior to our production of products. Please inspect your layout proof for accuracy and report any discrepancies immediately so corrections can be made before final layout is approved.

  7. Corporate Information

    Descon is the "doing business as" (d/b/a) name of Young & Kenady Incorporated which is an S-Corp. located in Indiana. Payment can be made out to either our official corporate name or our dba name. We are happy to provide a W-9 document upon your request.

  8. Product Damaged in Shipping

    We are committed to making sure your order gets to you in perfect condition. Products are inspected for damage when they are packed and all orders are in good condition when they leave our facility. However, accidents occasionally occur during shipping.

    If you see any damage when your order arrives, please follow these steps:
    1) Open and inspect the package contents immediately upon delivery for possible damage.
    2) Keep all inner and outer original packaging materials if there is damage to the order.
    3) Report the damage to Descon within 5 business days of delivery. Call our customer service department at 1-877-337-2661 with details regarding the damaged package. WE WILL REQUIRE DIGITAL PICTURES be emailed to us showing the damage. Once all information has been reviewed, we will respond in 24-48 hours with the steps of how this will be resolved and further instructions.
    4) Descon may elect to submit a claim with our shipping provider. In that situation, all contents of the package AND PACKAGING MATERIALS should be kept by the customer until the shipping company contacts them.

    Please note, damaged packages reported after 5 business days of delivery will be the responsibility of the customer. You may file a claim online at under the support tab "File a Claim". Refer to the "Damaged Package Claims Process" for more information.