Graphic saying Frequently Asked Questions about Descon signage company

When assisting new customers, we hear several questions we think can benefit anyone looking for custom school signs. Follow the links below to get the answers to Descon’s most frequently asked questions. If you think there’s a question we missed, Contact Us.

  1. How do I decide what kind of sign is best for my school or business? There are so many options, where do I start?

    We consult with every customer, helping them find the appropriate sign design for their situation. Details about a project, like budget, the atmosphere of the space, sign dimensions and personal style preferences all play a major role in selecting signage. We start with these details and will guide you the rest of the way.

  2. How does the order process work?

    We start our process with a quote estimate that itemizes the quantity of signage, product costs, shipping, fees, discounts and other order basics. We then provide an artwork layout that will show the appearance of the ordered product(s). From there, the customer will need to review both the quote estimate and the artwork layout. Approval of these documents, along with a PO or other payment, will confirm the order for production.

  3. What file formats do I need to provide when ordering a sign?

    We use the most up-to-date version of Adobe Creative Suite software to run all of our files, and we accept any files compatible with that software. In order for us to produce your job in the most cost-effective manner, you should always provide vector files of your art. Common types of vector files include Adobe art files (AI) or CDR or EPS files. By providing the proper file forms, you will avoid art setup fees. Also, include font files to ensure a smooth setup process.

    We can work from file types like JPG, TIF or PDF files, but they may not produce the same quality as other vector type files. If JPG, TIF or PDF file formats are your only option, you can send them to us, and we will determine if they are useable. From there, we can help you find the best solution, which may include design enhancement work by Descon.

  4. What is an artwork layout?

    An artwork layout is our final artwork draft before we put a sign into production. The layout allows you to review your sign design digitally and request necessary changes before we create your product. You can approve your artwork layout via email comment, scanning or fax.

  5. Why do I need to look at an artwork layout if I’ve already given you everything I need?

    Simply put, humans make mistakes. By reviewing your artwork layout, you can ensure our team handled every detail exactly how you want. Misunderstandings and crossed signals can happen occasionally, and this is our way of making sure we get it right every time.

  6. The easiest way to request an estimate is our Quote or Question tool which pops out from the right side of any page on this site. Complete that form, and we’ll get back to you soon. You can also click on this question to link to the quote page. Also, you can always give us a call or stop by our office, and we’d be glad to talk about your project and provide an estimate.

  7. Do you offer a quantity discount?

    Yes. We offer a quantity discount in certain circumstances for multiples of the same product. Our usual threshold for offering quantity discounts is 50 pieces, but we can work with our customers to find the solution that fits their budget.

  8. How long does it take for you to create my sign?

    Every job is unique, so every timeline is different. Simple jobs and small jobs can be done in a few days, while more complicated custom jobs with installation can take multiple weeks. Our timelines can change throughout the year, with summer being especially busy. Even in our busiest times, we strive to complete production in 7-10 days. Tell us when you need your sign, and we'll see what we can do. We go to great lengths to produce your job in a timely manner. If you need your order before school starts, contact us as early as possible to help us serve you better.

  9. How do I place/confirm an order? What are your terms?

    After you have approved your artwork layout and you have reviewed the quote we provided, confirm your order via receipt of a purchase order number, credit card authorization, or signed and returned quote.

    Public school and government customers can open a "net term" account upon receipt of a purchase order. If a purchase order is not provided, both a signed, approved quote and payment must be submitted to place the order.

    All other non-school related customers must prepay. They may pay by credit card, check or cash. Descon reserves the right to alter the prepayment requirement at its discretion.

  10. What payment methods do you take?

    We accept purchase orders from public school and government account customers. Purchase order payments should occur via check or ACH direct deposit within the net 30-day terms we offer established customers. New public school and government customers may be required to supply additional information upon processing their first order.

    Also, payment by credit card must happen at the time of placing an order. If a customer utilizes our net 30-day terms, payment should NOT happen via credit card.

    We also accept credit card payments from all customers, up to a certain invoice amount. Descon reserves the right to add a 3% processing fee or decline credit cards as a payment option if we determine the invoice amount is too high. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. For payment via credit card, please contact us via phone or email to receive a credit card authorization form.

    In some limited circumstances, we will accept ACH payments from established customers. We also will occasionally take a P-card or other credit-card-like device from large organization customers, with limitations similar to credit card payments (if an invoice is too high we reserve the right to decline this type of payment).

  11. How does shipping work?

    Shipping and handling charges are calculated at 10% of your total product order and will be added to your invoice. This charge is included on the quote provided to you before placing the order. For small orders, our minimum shipping charge is $10.00.

    Upon shipment, Descon will provide a shipment notification via email which will include tracking information.

    If your package is damaged, please refer to question 7 in our policy & copyright section, which you can find on the left side of this page.

  12. How do I clean my signs?

    We take pride in offering high-quality products that last a long time, but we do recommend cleaning them on occasion. Almost all of our printed items (except banners) include a layer of laminate that will protect graphics from dust and food debris and will tolerate light incidental marks. While this laminate will protect the signs, it will not prevent damage from sharp objects or other forms of neglect.

    To quickly clean signs, use a dry dusting cloth. A damp cloth with soapy water will work for more extensive cleaning. Many commercial cleaning products can be used for heavy-duty cleaning, but heavy solvent-based products like acetone should be avoided. For severe damage like Sharpie ink marks, an off-the-shelf cleaner available at hardware stores can help. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.